Saurabh Sen, Ph.D

Columnist: Saurabh Sen, Ph.D

Saurabh Sen, PhD is a research scientist with a domain expertise in membrane proteins (GPCRs) and CNS disorder (Parkinson’s disease). In his current position at Lucigen Corporation, he is working on ‘Brain GPCRs’ towards a thorough understanding of the molecular structural biology of the same. Saurabh holds a PhD from the University of Helsinki, Finland and completed his postdoctoral research at Washington University School of Medicine at St. Louis and University of Alabama at Birmingham. His scientific background and research interests are based on the comprehensive understanding of the filed of membrane proteins and GPCRs, the most sought after drug target of the pharmaceutical industry. Saurabh aims at helping the scientific community through innovation, scientific break-through and knowledge sharing. He has also set his hands in learning the intricacies of Technology Transfer and Business Development.