Tim Sippel, PhD

Columnist: Tim Sippel, PhD

Tim Sippel, PhD is a contractor for the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) as a fisheries population scientist, specializing in migratory species which commonly move through multiple national territories. Prior to that he worked as a post-doctoral scientist at University of Hawaii, and completed his PhD and Masters degrees respecively at University of Auckland and Massey University in New Zealand. His graduate research focused on the ecology and behaviour of highly migratory fishes in the southwest Pacific Ocean, and has worked on a variety of fish species and some land mammals as well. He views science and education as critically important both socially and economically and supports efforts to inform people about and involve them in science. Open-source computing is a transparent and cost-effective platform for creating scientific methods and sharing information, and he makes use of it as much as possible in his work.