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Science and Technology Policy Fellowships

As my pre-doctoral sentence of four-to-six-years-with-time-off-for-80-hour-work-weeks was coming to a joyful conclusion, I started to look for opportunities. I could finally see the light at the end of the tunnel. Nights and weekends of caring for my research subjects, cup-o-noodle dinners in t...

Reineke Pohlhaus

Take Care of Yourself

In this crazy busy world when we are all focused on our jobs, and careers, and our research, don’t forget to focus on yourself.  I’ve seen many articles lately that when taken together, make me think more about taking care of myself, especially if you are still young.


Starting out in science policy – a fellowship is not the only way!

With many graduate students and postdocs looking for career opportunities outside the laboratory, science policy is becoming an increasingly popular field. I won’t go in to the basic details of what the field entails and the different types of organizations and jobs involved (there are plenty of p...

Reineke Pohlhaus

How Much is Too Much?

I recently read this article from the Guardian website, “Are universities collecting too much information on staff and students?”,and I found myself thinking about the question posted in the title.  I’m not sure of the answer, but the gist of the article was that the University of Huddlef...

Reineke Pohlhaus

Top ten email best practices

Realizing that we all live in an age of information overload,  – I don’t know anyone who doesn’t complain about having too many emails. Here is my list of 10 DOs and DON’Ts1. DO include a response deadline in the subject● Example: September 24 webinar available2. DO include an action ...


Alternative Careers for Science PhDs: Part III – Science Policy

Postdocs have few years to identify career goals, strengthen CVs, and construct a professional network, all while working full time in the lab. Given the current situation in academia, most of us will end up in what used to be considered alternative careers. There is a long list of non-academic care...

Reineke Pohlhaus

How to Attract a Headhunter

Ever been contacted by a headhunter?  I have. It was very flattering. . .The number one way to attract a headhunter is to have a LinkedIn profile and keep it active. The headhunter that contactedme use my LinkedIn profie, which is the method that tons of companies are using to do their recruiti...

Reineke Pohlhaus

To Comment or Not to Comment

To comment or not to comment … that is the question. So I was listening to this program on Science Friday recently called “Preserving Science News in an Online World,” and the discussion was about the pros and cons of allowing comments on science news and blogs.


Science: It’s a girl thing!

I had no idea that the European Commission had made a video to attract more women to careers in science before I witnessed the reactions of friends and fellow scientists in different social media. Within a few posts, I realized that either something must have gone wrong as scientists, both male and ...

Reineke Pohlhaus

Changing Careers, Part I

Now that you know a little bit about what science policy is, and one way of transitioning into science policy (the AAAS Science & Technology Fellowship Program), I’d like to give you a little more information on how I changed careers from being a bench scientist to a science policy professi...