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What goes in a writing portfolio?

Chances are good that if you have considered moving into a communication heavy career, someone has at some point suggested you keep a writing portfolio. If you are like me, you nodded sagely and left confused. What is a writing portfolio? And what do I put in mine, if I am working as a scientis...


Choosing your career carefully

Believe it or not, but being a scientist leaves you with quite a few career choices in both science-related and unrelated fields. You do want to choose carefully, because moving back into a field that you previously left definitely has some challenges. However, in some cases, it can work to you...


A Day in the Life of a Medical Writer

Before I begin, let me say that there are several types of medical/science writing roles, and the projects one works on within each role, can vary.I work for a healthcare communications agency on the commercial side of an oncology product. Projects I work on can be physician-or patient-facing, for s...


Hello again (back after some time away from blogging)

My name is Clement Weinberger, and I am a freelance medical writer. I retired as Director of Medical Communications in the Medical Affairs Department of a biopharma company about 6 years ago, and started a freelance business.  Of course, my professional life didn't start there. In this, and in ...


Fifty ways to leave your lover

This doesn’t sound much like the title of a career path blog, does it? You most likely know it as the title of a song by Paul Simon, but while it may resonate with a lot of people, what specific relevance could it have to science PhDs and postdocs? Well, it does make sense if your first ...


The future may be more in the benefits (Discussion) than the features (Methods/Results)

PhD students, and a majority of PhDs in science, spend many hours at the bench doing research designed to obtain results that will either confirm or reject a hypothesis. They write, defend and revise a thesis. Along the way, and as soon and as often as possible afterward, they publish the resul...


Making a journal short list

At some point, you will have to choose journals to submit your articles to. Finding the right journal is important because if your article isn’t published in a timely fashion, say within a year of a congress presentation, no one will know about it, and a delay will make someone ask, “why di...


Starting out in a Startup

Two words that can evoke either feelings of pure excitement or pure fear: Startup Company. Startups are common in the biotechnology world, as there are many brilliant scientists and business savvy people with innovative ideas and plans of how to implement them.


What if you still love teaching?

The truth is out there: The number of tenure track faculty positions is shrinking relative to the number of eligible candidates. Adjuncting may be viewed as a stop gap for departments who need instructors and candidates who are timing the job market, but these positions aren’t meant to be lon...

Shu Chin

Cut the productivity clutter

I will be the first one to admit that I am mighty talented when it comes to finding ways to procrastinate or frivolously waste time on a daily basis. You’d think it was an Olympic sport. So, past the half way mark of 2015, I am finally getting around to my awfully neglected New Year’s resol...